One Thing You Should Do in Every State

1. Alabama Alabama is a state famous for its space camp. It is situated in the Space and Rocket Center. People who really dream of becoming astronauts have a chance to check out all the…


40 Most Empowering Women of All Time

1. Anna Wintour This stylish 66-year-old woman has been a chief editor of Vogue since 1988. She’s not only one of the most successful and prominent women of the world but also a great dancer….


40 Craziest Wedding Traditions in the World

1. Scotland: Take a shower, darling! A couple of days before the wedding ceremony, the “lucky” bride and groom should be poured over with a blend of different substances like eggs, sauce, oil, noodles, carrots,…


40 Books That Can Change Your Life

1. “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë An inspiring story about a woman who had to overcome obstacles for her entire life, even when she was little. Despite all the troubles, she managed to keep her…


40 Strangest Jobs Around The World

1. Pusher Have you ever heard about jams in Japan or China? People there are considered to be very hardworking and they want to be never late. That is why a pusher is ready to…

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40 Things That Can Make Almost Any Woman Happy

1. Bring Her Breakfast in Bed This may seem a standard piece of advice, but it still works! No matter what you cook for her, your woman will be pleased with such sign of attention….


40 Strangest Mental Disorders

1. Triskaidekaphobia Do you believe the number 13 to be unlucky? Many people do, but some are actually afraid of it. This number is considered to be evil due to numerous superstitions that have cultural…


40 Famous Inventions Made by Accident

1. Penicillin The scientist Alexander Fleming was so excited about his vacation that he left the town and forgot about dirty Petri dishes on the table in his laboratory. When he got back from the…


40 Strangest Superstitions All Over the World

1. In Spain Although we are used to Friday the 13th being viewed as an unlucky day, Spanish people never doubted that it’s Tuesday the 13th instead. The word “Tuesday” sounds as “Martes” in Spanish,…