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These Are The 10 Worst Cities In Oregon For 2017

10. Coos Bay Source: Wikipedia Population: 16,062 Home Values: $164,100 (19th worst) Unemployment Rate: 11.2% (23rd worst) When you’re looking at science and data, Coos Bay is the worst place you can live in Oregon. Let’s see why….

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These Are The 10 Worst Cities In Georgia For 2017

10. Stone Mountain Source: Wikipedia Population: 5,991 Home Values: $81,900 (9th worst) Unemployment Rate: 13.6% (25th worst) Stone Mountain, part of DeKalb County, is the 10th worst place to live in Georgia for 2015. . Residents here earn…

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10 Worst Cities To Live In Minnesota

10. Waite Park Population: 6,702 It might seem really odd to hear that little Waite Park has the worst crime, per capita, in Minnesota. A suburb of St. Cloud, this little city’s issues are with…

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10 Worst Cities To Live In Pennsylvania

10. Chester Population: 34,127 Chester, PA needs a big hug right now. The unemployment rate here is 9%, the median income is just above the poverty line, and the crime is the 7th highest in…

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10 Worst Cities To Live In Ohio

10. Conneaut Population: 12,824 Population density: 3rd lowest in Ohio Average home price: 17th lowest in the state Median income: Not too great Conneaut, a smallish place right on the banks of Lake Erie, would…

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10 Worst Cities To Live In Illinois

10. Decatur Population: 76,091 By far the largest city to top this list, Decatur’s main issues are crime and unemployment. When 1 in 10 people doesn’t have a job, and 1 in 27 people is…

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The Worst Places To Live In Florida

10. Palm Coast Population: 75,143 Unemployment: 8.3% Median income: $47,993 Crime index: Average The largest city on the list, Palm Coast, is located near Daytona Beach. Besides the very high unemployment numbers, across the board, Palm Coast isn’t really…

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10 Worst Cities To Live In California

10. Hesperia Population: 89,703 Unemployment rate: 10.8% Commute time: One of the longest in the state Education spending: 25th lowest in CA Since Adelanto and Lucerne Valley are on here, it’s not surprising to see Hesperia here as well….

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Richest Person In Every State

52. Alaska : Bob Gillam Bob Gillam founded McKinley Capital Management, an Anchorage-based institutional investor that oversees more than $7 billion in assets. Gillam, who studied at Wharton and then got an MBA at UCLA,…

50 Healthiest Cities In California

50. Albany Suburb of San Francisco Physical Inactivity: 15.0% The rate of adults (at the county level) who do not report any leisure-time physical activity. Obesity: 10.5% The rate of adults (at the county level)…